Amine Suggests: Vsauce

Amine says “Reading isn’t my favorite thing,” but collecting information still is, so he uses other means – like a lot of video watching and question asking. Come to think of it, one of the first life hacks I learned from my kids was to use Google images to search for information. You can just skip that pesky reading stuff and go straight to images that match the ideas you are seeking out.  Novel, eh?* Nowadays they video search nearly everything. Of course I worry about the content my kids are imbibing, and I try to do more than just peek at their histories time to time. A lot of the content is problematic. Some of it I really enjoy. Then there is the macabre struggle.

I remember loving Ripley’s Believe or Not and the Guinness Book of World Records as a kid. Yes, I was one of those children who read the encyclopedia, as well as food labels, all advertisements, safety instructions – anything and everything. But reading my step-brother’s Ripley’s and Guinness weren’t happenstance. I like to think of these explorations as rounding out or supplementing my school studies  – sometimes giving me reflections of Allah’s sweeping greatness, sometimes frightful illustrations of the scope of man’s brutality. Of course Amine has no idea how fortunate he is to just pursue his immediate and most pressing or even simply passing interests. I asked him to share one of his favourite YouTubians, an “appropriate” one, of course.

VSauce is one of Amine’s very favourite YouTubers because, “He’s interesting and scientific and a teacher and puts lots of work into his videos. He also does videos that answer questions that no one else does, like ‘What if everyone in the whole world jumped at the same time?”.

Enjoy! I did 😉 **

* All puns always intentional all the time.

** Some anatomical nudity.


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